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    Sunreef Yachts

    The Green Tech of Tomorrow
    28 April, 2021

    Sunreef Yachts, an eco luxury catamaran manufacturer founded in Poland, are currently building the world’s most advanced sustainable, luxury catamaran. The all-electric Sunreef 80 Eco is an autonomous craft blending ultramodern green tech and supreme levels of comfort. Premiering this year, the custom sail yacht is intended for long offshore navigation in total silence. Cruising in complete harmony with the elements, the Sunreef 80 Eco will generate renewable energy both above and below waterline.

    Engineered and produced in-house by Sunreef Yachts, a solar skin system consisting of the world’s lightest solar cells will be fully integrated with the hull sides, superstructure, bimini and carbon mast of the Sunreef 80 Eco. The photovoltaic system will be covering a total surface of 150m² delivering up to 34 kWp.

    We are now pairing the industry’s most innovative solar power system with hydro generation
    Francis Lapp - Sunreef Yachts Founder and President

    The yacht’s wind-free propulsion will come from twin 180kW electric engines providing top energy efficiency and performance. While under sail, the Sunreef 80 Eco will recover energy from the propeller rotation thanks to an advanced hydro generation system. The energy obtained will be used to power both the propulsion and house appliances. Recovering energy from the yacht’s two propellers, the system will be able to generate over 15 kWh while sailing above 7 kts.

    To find out more about Sunreef Yachts and their collection of eco-friendly sailing range, get in touch with one of our team.

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