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    Island Activities in the Seychelles

    Your luxury, outdoor experience at Four Seasons, Desroches
    21 February, 2024

    Escaping to a secluded island is an opportunity that most of us would relish. White-sand beaches, tranquil blue waters and a laid-back way of life make for a welcome change from the stresses and responsibilities of everyday living.

    Desroches Island, however, offers so much more than just a relaxing luxury getaway to a private island. Of course, there is ample opportunity to take in the natural beauty whilst doing not much more than being perched on a beach with a cocktail, but the Four Seasons-owned island, part of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean, also provides a staggering amount of diverse activities to keep guests entertained.

    The 5.5km long island, which is home to around 100 inhabitants, was purchased by the Four Seasons in 2016 and they opened their exclusive hotel two years later, intending to enable their guests to enjoy the idyllic paradise on an active level. That means there’s something for everyone on this private playground and absolutely no chance of boredom.

    During a stay, guests can give back to the local environment by partaking in activities such as tortoise feeding and adoption in the island’s tortoise sanctuary, beach clean-ups and native tree planting. For sports and fitness enthusiasts, football matches can be organised on the island’s runway with local residents and staff, as well as beach volleyball tournaments, tennis matches and boules games. For those who are looking to really test themselves, there is also an abundance of trail runs at the disposal of the guests, along the island’s 14km network of forest and beach paths.

    Once the more intensive side of things is taken care of, guests can unwind and recover in the island’s world-class wellness and relaxation facilities. Group and private yoga classes, as well as meditation sessions, can be booked and guests are free to use the hotel’s Circle of Connection spa and top of the range fitness centre as they wish.

    However, the main attraction is provided by the location’s natural environment – the calm, turquoise waters that surround Desroches. It wouldn’t be an island getaway without experiencing the water activities on offer and guests are treated to an abundance of options on this front. The flourishing marine and coral life can be explored on diving and snorkelling expeditions and guests can take to the open seas during offshore fishing trips. If the season is right, why not experience an ocean safari and try to spot the majestic dolphins and humpback whales that roam the waters. Paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing are also available, meaning you’ll truly build up an appetite each day.

    With that in mind, the hotel invites guests to enjoy and savour the island’s unique and eclectic cuisine with an extensive array of wining and dining options, including intimate in-villa experiences and beach picnics. The accommodation comes in the form of standalone villas that are based on local Creole and colonial styles and a network of buggies and private bicycles makes getting around the island easy.

    If you like the sound of this private and exclusive getaway that gives you the chance to be as active (or as relaxed) as you want, then we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us here and we’d be delighted to put together a bespoke option for you, including all your travel requirements.

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