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    The Indian Ocean Highlights

    A wealth of blissful, luxury destinations to consider for your next getaway
    11 February, 2024

    Covering around one-fifth of the planet’s total oceanic area, the Indian Ocean is home to some of the world’s most serene and naturally beautiful travel destinations. Along with the Pacific and the Atlantic, it’s one of the world’s three major oceans, stretching over 6,000 miles between the southern points of Africa and Australia and covering a staggering area of around 27 million square miles.

    Within the vastness of the deep blue solitude are scattered some of the most stunning places on earth and we’re going to take this opportunity to talk you through our favourites and how we can create the ultimate relaxing getaway just for you.

    Desroches Island

    Indian Ocean islands to visit

    As we’ve said, some of the most exotic, picturesque and coveted island getaway destinations are located in the Indian Ocean. Think stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, exotic wildlife and scenery, and beautiful weather.

    Top of our list of must-visit island destinations is the Maldives, a paradise on Earth that’s located around 400 miles off the coast of mainland Asia. Perfect for romantic breaks and family holidays, the Maldives are ideal for relaxing on the beach in sublime weather conditions, with the surrounding coral reefs providing world-class diving opportunities among the vibrant and precious marine life.

    Another of the Indian Ocean’s big hitters is the Seychelles, located around 2,000 km west of the Maldives, off the coast of east Africa, where white-sand beaches, tranquil blue waters and a laid-back way of life make for a welcome change from the stresses and responsibilities of everyday living.

    Even closer to the shores of Africa, off the coast of Tanzania, is the tropical, semi-autonomous group of islands, known collectively as Zanzibar. In Zanzibar, things happen at their own pace and relaxation is definitely at the top of the priority list.

    Where to stay and what to do

    In the Maldives, you need look no further than the St Regis Vommuli, our luxury 5-star resort partner that’s located in between luscious rainforest and pristine beaches, on the exclusive island of Vommuli. Here you’ll be able to spend time in the private lagoon, luxury spa and calm ocean waters, as well as partake in a whole host of excursions and activities, including scuba diving and snorkelling trips, parasailing, kayaking and more. Feel free to check out our Insight on the hotel here for more information.

    The capital of this archipelago, Male, is also well worth a visit, with local markets, temples and other cultural sights to see, and for marine enthusiasts, no trip to the Maldives is complete before visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Baa Atoll. This remote and ecologically diverse marine reserve provides the opportunity for divers to swim with whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, and more.

    When it comes to the Seychelles, we love the private island of Desroches, which is owned by our luxury partner the Four Seasons and provides a secluded getaway among stunning natural beauty. Here guests can give back to the environment and community by taking part in organised ecological projects, including beach clean-ups and native tree planting, as well as relax in opulence in the hotel’s 5-star facilities. You can read more about what to do during your Seychelles trip in our Insight here.

    St Regis Vommuli

    Get it booked

    The Indian Ocean’s riches give us the chance to send our valued clients away to some of the most stunning and luxurious destinations on earth. If we’ve piqued your interest, please get in touch with us here so we can put together a completely bespoke and once-in-a-lifetime, luxury Indian Ocean experience for you. On top of the above-mentioned places, we can also tie in Madagascar, Mauritius and Réunion, as well as numerous other exotic paradises.

    Blend Group
    Desroches Island
    St Regis Vommuli
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    Island Activities in the Seychelles

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