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    Luxury Arctic Travel – The Only Way to Experience the Arctic Circle

    Our top luxury recommendations for experiencing the natural phenomenon that is the Arctic
    25 April, 2023

    Covering around 20,000,000 km2, the Arctic Circle is the planet’s northernmost circle of latitude, with eight countries contributing to its geography and human inhabitants, including Canada, the USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

    While vast areas of the region are barren and extreme, there is also an abundance of beauty to be discovered. Surrounded by ocean and varied land masses, the Arctic is teeming with life and enjoys a surprisingly pleasant summer season.

    With recent improvements in technology, a widening of ambition and the continual globalisation of the planet, the Arctic Circle and all its wonders have become more accessible. As such, it’s now possible to experience a truly northern experience in the most spectacular and luxurious ways imaginable, taking in the stunning glacial and natural scenery along the way.

    Sheldon Chalet Alaska

    See the Northern Lights in style

    It’s on the bucket list of so many for a reason – witnessing the magical, otherworldly aesthetics of the Aurora Borealis is one of those moments that puts life into perspective in the most powerful of ways. The seemingly-supernatural light show is stunning and unique, and best experienced in a luxurious, exclusive setting.

    Of course, the Northern Lights’ elusive element means that it’s never a guarantee that the world-famous sight will occur on demand. Because of this, we recommend giving yourself the best chance possible to catch a glimpse, by travelling to see them during the winter months of November to February. The long nights and cold temperatures will increase your chances significantly.

    Among our most treasured Arctic partners is the Sheldon Chalet, situated in the heart of Alaska’s Denali National Park. This pristine guesthouse is 55 miles away from civilisation and can only be reached by helicopter, making it the ideal location to enjoy the Northern Lights.

    The town of Maniitsoq, Greenland

    Iceland and Greenland

    The awe-inspiring ice fields and fjords of Greenland, and the sheer diversity of Iceland’s natural beauty make for two Arctic destinations that cannot be missed.

    Few places on earth are more remote than Greenland, as it sits on top of the world, overflowing with natural beauty. Impressive icebergs, immaculate glaciers and clear skies await and there’s no better way to experience the beauty than by taking a private helicopter ride over the frozen landscapes.

    In Iceland, you’ll be able to explore topography ranging from volcanoes and geysers to waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches and natural hot springs. Its capital, Reykjavik, is one of Europe’s smallest and is the northernmost capital in the world.

    Arctic Bath Lapland

    Spas and Retreats

    Here at Blend Group, we think the best way to round off any Arctic experience is to indulge yourself with a stay at an Arctic spa or retreat. We recently wrote about Arctic Bath, our health and wellness partner whose world-class Lapland spa retreat provides a space to escape the dramatic Arctic conditions from the comfort and serenity of sensational wellness and spa facilities and floating water cabins and lodges.

    If you like the sound of a luxury Arctic retreat, please get in touch with us here so we can build a bespoke Arctic experience just for you.

    Blend Group
    Sheldon Chalet Alaska
    The town of Maniitsoq, Greenland
    Arctic Bath Lapland
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