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    Recharge Your Brain

    Insight By
    Dr Sabine Donnai
    5 November, 2020

    You have spoken of a ‘broken brain’ can you explain what this is for us?

    ‘Brain disorders’ are increasing exponentially with now 1 in 4 people in the UK suffering from a mental health episode per year and Alzheimer’s disease incidence which will double in the next 30 years to 2 million people suffering from the disease. Whether it is Depression, OCD, anxiety, panic disorders, ‘Brain fog’ or Alzheimer’s, they are symptoms of a ‘broken brain’, and hence more often than not, treated with chemicals influencing how the brain functions. This extremely seldom ‘sorts the problem’ but is mainly used to ‘control the symptom’. Broken brains are multi factorial problems that needs tackling from many different angles and ideally tackle the root causes with the aim to heal not just to control the symptoms.

    How can we all energise our brains?

    The brain needs three main ingredients to energise: oxygen, nutrients and rest. Oxygen we get to the brain through exercise, nutrients through healthy eating: low in sugars and refined carbs, increase in Vit D and Healthy Fats rest through quality sleep and yoga or meditation.

    Is there anything that we should all stop doing to allow the brain to function optimally?

    Reduce time on electronics and alcohol especially before sleep, stop eating for your mouth and eat for you brain!

    Is there a simple thing each day we could do to future proof our brains from illness or stress?

    Take essential healthy fats daily. Increase your intake of oily fish or take an Omega 3 supplement high in EPA. Take care of the bacteria in your gut. The gut-brain connection is real and unhealthy balance of bacteria in the gut have been linked among other symptoms with OCD, anxiety and brain fog.

    "The brain needs three main ingredients to energise: oxygen, nutrients and rest"
    Dr Sabine Donnai

    What is your favourite food for feeding the brain and enhancing its health?

    My special super oily breakfast smoothie containing high quality grass fed whey or collagen protein, medium chain triglycerides, extra virgin olive oil, organic berries and chia seeds.

    What are your favourite supplements to nourish the brain?

    Vitamin D and Omega 3’s.

    Is there any new break-through research that you are seeing in brain health that you are excited about?

    The biggest break-through is our recognition that most ‘brain disorders’ have a somatic, systemic origin. Our system works as a whole and therefore to ignore gut health, immune system, fitness, heavy metal toxicity, stress, nutrition and sleep when addressing ‘broken brains’ or to avoid Alzheimer’s is not using our brains!

    To find out more about Viavi’s health and wellness services, please get in touch with a member of the Blend Group team

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