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    Flavour of London

    Blend Group share’s the hottest new restaurant openings in the capital this season
    Insight By
    Insight Author
    24 September, 2020

    London is a centre of global gastronomy, a city that thrives on innovation and invention, of new flavours and traditional dishes coming together in an epicurean adventure across the capital. The city already boasts over 60 Michelin stars, and the number continues to rise as established and emerging chefs and restauranteurs bring more menus to the city’s most discerning diners. 

    First up is Maison Francois, a French Brasserie by Francois O’Neill and Masterchef Professionals finalist, Matthew Ryle, opening in Autumn 2020 in St. James’s (in the spot once occupied by Green’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar). The restaurant combines classic French tastes with the best local ingredients, with Loch Ryan oysters starring alongside Parisian brasserie classics, and a wine list to match. Open from early morning to midnight, Maison François will focus on simplicity and seasonality, beginning first thing with breads and patisserie fresh from the in-house bakery. Throughout the day, guests can watch the chefs at work around the floating pass in the open kitchen.

    From Europe to the East, as Taka open their second London location on Marylebone High Street. The first restaurant opened in Mayfair in 2017, and has been accumulating consistently rave reviews ever since. Andrey Datsenko and his sister Anastasia are known for their exceptional Japanese cuisine; from fresh sushi and sashimi to robata grill, but at the heart of the restaurant is a commitment to sustainability and farm-to-table dining, with aged Ikejime fish from Scotland and Cornwall, and local Japanese wasabi from Hampshire. The interiors have been designed to complement the menu, with a minimal-yet-warn Japanese-inspired design featuring wood-panelled walls and subtle mirror and metallic accents.  

    “William JM Chilila will combine British ingredients with West African flavours in Akoko”

    Next, we travel west again, specifically to West Africa. 2019 Masterchef Professionals finalist, William JM Chilila will combine British ingredients with West African flavours in Akoko, scheduled to open in Autumn 2020 in Fitzrovia. The region’s cuisine is currently under-represented in London’s fine dining scene, however the success of Iré Hassan-Odukale and Jeremy Chan’s Michelin-starred Ikoyi has proven that there’s an appetite for these unique flavours in the capital. Akoko looks set to follow suit, with a menu featuring dishes such as Grilled 28 Day Aged Beef Suya with Caramelised Onion, Confit Tomato, or Lobster with Egusi Ijebu Velouté and Pounded Yam, complemented by a wine list curated by Honey Spencer. Interiors will also celebrate West African culture, with contemporary African art by Niyi Olagunju, and bespoke ceramics inspired by the legendary West African 1960s ‘Queen of Pottery’, Ladi Kwali.

    For more information or exclusive reservations at any of these restaurants, or to enquire about further new dining hotspots in London, and further afield, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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