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    Electrical Power: The Next Big Thing in Marine Propulsion

    It’s time to take to the seas using electricity - the rest of the world has started already
    12 September, 2023

    The rise of the electric motor in the automobile industry is widely known, as an increasing amount of electric cars are seen on our roads and bans on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles are set to come into force in the coming years.

    However, until very recently, this rapid increase in electricity usage in car manufacturing hadn’t been mirrored in the construction of the yachts and motorboats that cruise the world’s rivers, oceans and seas.

    The practical issues involved in using electric boat engines, including a lack of charging infrastructure, as well as comparatively slower maximum speeds have meant that the take up of electric motors in the boating world has taken its time to garner any real momentum. However, the myriad benefits associated with cruising the waters using electricity have suddenly penetrated the industry and the rise of electric yachts and motorboats is well and truly in full flow.

    Sunreef 88 ULTIMA

    Most notably, and unsurprisingly, electric boat motors are far better for the environment than their traditional fuel counterparts. Using electricity to power their propulsion systems, electric boats can glide through the water without releasing any fuel emissions and harmful fumes into the environment. The elimination of pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides, is beneficial for both the atmosphere and marine life alike. Additionally, the almost silent nature of electric motors also significantly reduces noise pollution.

    Electric boats are also generally cheaper to run, due to reduced fuel costs and because the risk of required maintenance is significantly less.

    The Icon from BMW x Tyde

    The price and specifications of electricity-run yachts and motorboats of course depend on the model of the boat in question, however, it’s not uncommon to find vessels that can cruise for up to 57 nautical miles (65 miles) before needing to be recharged. Speed is generally sacrificed when it comes to electric motors, however, the models that are built for velocity can reach up to 50 knots (57 mph) and charging times are rarely an issue, as boats can often reach nearly full power within an hour or two of charging.

    Electric yachts and motorboats often provide superior performance to traditionally powered boats, as well as a greater degree of reliability. Those benefits coupled with the unquestionably positive environmental impact ensure that they are here to stay and their recent rise in popularity and usage is sure to keep on growing. At Blend Group we are specialists in providing bespoke, luxury experiences for our high-net-worth clientele. If you’d like to enquire about chartering an electric yacht or need help in finding the perfect motorboat to buy, we’d love to hear from you here.

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    Sunreef 88 ULTIMA
    The Icon from BMW x Tyde
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