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    Continuing Rugby Fever

    The 2024 Men’s Six Nations is creeping up on us
    25 October, 2023

    With what’s been an enthralling men’s Rugby World Cup now down to its final stage and almost bidding us adieu for another four years, it’s time to start thinking about plans for February’s Six Nations tournament.

    As one of the oldest tournaments in rugby, with its original inception as the Home Nations Championship dating back over 140 years, it’s a showcase that always commands attention. Contested by England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy and France, the championship has provided some of rugby’s most legendary moments over the decades and generates immense levels of bragging rights for the victorious nation. It’s no overstatement to say that the Six Nations is more than simply a sporting competition, it’s a series of extreme rivalry.

    Adding fuel to the fire, it’s not just the coveted title that’s up for grabs each year, as there are in fact no less than nine trophies on offer for competing nations. Awarded to the overall winning team, the Championship Trophy is the only prize that all six countries can feasibly win, while the Triple Crown is competed for between the four Home Nations, with a winner only crowned if one side is successful in defeating the other three.

    Simultaneously, seven additional trophies are contested for in individual matches, including the Calcutta Cup between Scotland and England, the Garibaldi Trophy between Italy and France and the Centenary Quaich between Ireland and Scotland. Appropriately, since 2018 Scotland and Wales have competed for the Doddie Weir Cup, named after the legendary former Scotland international who was tragically diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2016, before eventually passing away last year.

    With so much to play for, it’s no wonder it means so much to the competing nations. England will have cause to feel confident, being the only northern hemisphere team to progress past the quarter-final stage in France and coming close to defeating a strong South Africa in the semis. However, as always it will be a difficult task to pick the winner before it all kicks off.

    Due to the World Cup’s timing, however, the usually ever-present Autumn Internationals are not taking place, meaning the traditional barometer of success will be missing. A post-World Cup Wales fixture against the Barbarians catches the eye, however, it is the only scheduled Autumn international at this point.

    Ireland will enter the tournament as defending champions, after completing the Grand Slam last time round and whatever happens this time, we’re sure to be in for quite a spectacle. If you’re interested in securing a hospitality package for any of the games, please contact us here – we’d love to hear from you. We can also arrange any accommodation and travel requirements you may have.

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    Build up to the Women’s Six Nations

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